All Your Amazon Data in One Place

Reviewbox aggregates data across Amazon, Walmart, and other major online retailers providing a single portal for all your e-commerce data. You'll automatically receive email notifications & detailed historical reports.

Monitor All Your E-Commerce Data in One Place

Reviewbox empowers manufacturers & brands with comprehensive visibility into their product presence.

Monitor Customer Feedback with Reviewbox

Get insight into what customers are saying about your product. All of your product reviews and questions across different marketplaces will be stored in your account where it’s easy for team members to tag resolved reviews and questions.

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Optimize Your Content for Search with Copybox

Get notifications on content changes to ensure that it’s in line so you can ensure that it is fully optimized for search.

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Know Your Keyword Rankings with Searchbox

Know where you and competition are ranking for the keywords that customers are using to find your products.

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Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Sellers with Pricebox

Ensure you're not dealing with fraudulent sellers and that everyone is selling within the established MAP prices.

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Our Customers

Helping over 100 brands succeed on Amazon, Walmart and beyond.


"Right Service at the Right Price"

We're able to track all reviews across all marketplaces and reply to customers daily. We've realized greater customer engagement through being able to comment directly on reviews and have allowed customers to realize our customer service is top notch.

Peter Marlenga, TechArmor

"Excellent Tool for Amazon Data Analysis"

Jim and his team are absolutely amazing, we get responses to questions in minutes, not hours or days, and they've already brought new functionality to the table that we've asked for only a month prior.

Greg D., UnitedSports

"Fantastic! Helps lessen my workload!"

Reviewbox is saving us time and changing customer complaints into raving fans! Before Reviewbox it took me several hours a week to comb through them just to find new comments. Now I can respond to customers in less than 24 hours.

Carrie Raney, TippNT