Who We Are

Our mission is to provide software that helps brands make better, data-driven decisions and empower growth. Our team of dedicated developers and customer support specialists are here to make sure that Reviewbox works for you.

Our Story

Reviewbox got its start in early 2016 with a simple observation: brands lacked tools to effectively manage their product reviews on Amazon. Shoppers were engaging in conversation with each other but the brands weren’t part of that picture. So we started by connecting brands with their customers using intelligent notifications. We’ve since helped manufacturers & brands of every size improve their customer service and gain visibility into every aspect of their e-commerce business. Hundreds of brands and manufacturers trust Reviewbox. Our e-commerce platform is trusted by both startups and internationally recognized brands. Our goal is to allow customers to scale their e-commerce business by providing tools and services capable of giving them the edge they need in an industry shaped by rapid growth and development.

What We Do

Reviewbox is a multi-service software helping brands and manufacturers track product reviews and e-commerce data across online retail sites. We collect the data and deliver it to our customers in an easy to use online dashboard and downloadable reports. 


We’re a growing team based in Knoxville, TN and would love to hear from you.