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Search Rank on Amazon

Ratings, reviews, and product content drive Amazon search rank

With tens of thousands of products competing on Amazon, it can be hard for customers to discover your products. Reviewbox conducted a study to identify some of the features that top-ranked items on Amazon have in common. We found that products on the first page of search results have a few things in common: They […]

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Low Product Availability: A Challenge For Amazon Vendors

How has COVID-19 affected product availability on Amazon? Product availability is a challenge for vendors this year. We’ve heard from some of our Amazon Vendor customers that their products keep going out of stock on Amazon, leading to lost sales. As we discussed in our previous post, 2020 has been a record-breaking year in terms […]

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Negative Reviews Up 324% on Amazon

How has COVID-19 affected Amazon reviews? Have your products been receiving a lot of reviews on Amazon? This year has proven to be an unprecedented year, but on the bright side, sales through online retailers are booming. has posted record sales increases in both Quarter 1 and 2 of 2020. In fact, sales for […]

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Amazon to Discontinue Customer Reviews Report

Amazon Update This week, Amazon announced that the 'Manufacturer Answers and Customer Reviews Report', accessible through Vendor Central, will be discontinued. After August 31, manufacturers and brands will no longer be able to download recent customer reviews and questions from Amazon. So, what are the options for manufacturer brands to track and to respond to […]

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Why do my listings have the same Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon Update Recently, some of you may have noticed that some of your product listings have exactly the same Best Sellers Rank, in the same product category, at the same time. How is this possible? It looks like Amazon has made yet another change to its platform, this time affecting the Best Sellers Rank.  What […]

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The Case of the Disappearing Responses

The Case of the Disappearing Responses Responding to your product reviews on Amazon shows that your brand cares about customer feedback. But recently, Amazon appears to have removed some manufacturer responses to reviews and questions. Late last week, a few of our customers noticed that their review responses weren't being posted to Amazon or were […]

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Understanding Price Competition on Amazon

Understanding Price Competition on Amazon Price competition on Amazon is fierce. How is your brand targeting a particular market segment with your pricing strategy? Does your brand know how they stack against the competition?  Below, we are going to use search results to analyze pricing on the digital shelf and provide examples of pricing strategy.  […]

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