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The Manufacturer Badge on Amazon

The Manufacturer Badge On Amazon, vendors have the option of displaying a badge next to their handle when posting a response to a question or review. That badge is the "Manufacturer Badge", and it's more important than you think. What is it? To know how important the manufacturer badge is, we have to look at […]

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Organic vs. Paid Search Rank

Scaling the Digital Shelf With the advancement of e-commerce, we have seen that shopping habits have evolved. Because of this, brands have to change their tactics in order to maximize their share of voice. Share of Voice is critical in capturing digital sales. According to the Search Engine Journal, 70% of Amazon customers don’t click […]

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Spotting a Fake Review

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly In the vast world of e-commerce, reviews are seen as one of the most powerful references when making a purchase. Products with positive reviews are more likely to be bought over products with negative reviews. Consumers are more likely to buy a product with a five-star review because […]

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The Amazon Marketplace: The Good, The Bad, and The Counterfeit

Counterfeiting in a Modern World Picture this: Your brand just created the perfect product, a mountable cupholder that you name “Cupable”. Cupable is the first of its kind, creating a new revolutionary way for people to hold their chilly beverages. Never again do you have to worry about leaving a condensation ring on your favorite […]

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Structuring Your Amazon Advertising Account

Amazon Advertising 101 Advertising is often seen as one of the earliest forms of business communication. Dating as far back as 2000 B.C, advertising has always been a way to promote a service or product to the mass public. Beginning with the implementation of the stone tablet and oral advertising in 2000 B.C, advertising has […]

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Building a Data-Driven Team for Your Business

How to build a data-driven team Technologist Douglas Merrill once said, “Big data isn’t about bits, it’s about talent.” In the modern age of business, every decision that a company makes is based on factual data. Data is defined as, “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.” Allowing companies to improve business processes, […]

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Is My Brand Up To Date on Amazon?

Amazon Encourages You to Stay Up to Date Did you receive the new Amazon update email? Even if you did, you need to make sure that your brand is up to date before the new guidelines roll out. With Amazon consistently changing its seller/vendor platform, they strongly encourage brands to stay up to date through […]

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Using the New Reporting Feature

Reviewbox's New Reporting Feature Whether you're a new or experienced user, you might have noticed the new Reporting Feature on the Reviewbox applications taskbar. What this feature does is allow its users to create daily, weekly, or monthly reports based on Ad Station performance, lost Buy Box rate, ratings & reviews, and share of voice. […]

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