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brand report card

Brand Report Card

The Brand Report Card from Reviewbox How to Measure a Successful Product Listing with the Brand Report Card Ecommerce is a volatile and everchanging landscape. Brands are facing new challenges with an expansion of the 3p marketplace across some retailers, new brands disrupting across categories, and consumers shifting away from brand loyalty to trust ratings […]

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Content Management Across Retailers

As a brand's inventory stretches across online retailers, including marketplaces that are open to third-party sellers, it can be a feel like a juggling act to ensure the brand's message consistent and brand controlled. Our content management tool allows users to create content guidelines and upload their own reference content for product listings. What does […]

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Top 5 KPI's for Brands on Amazon

What Metrics Can be Used to Evaluate the Health of a Product Listing? E-commerce managers managing large product catalogs on Amazon have the Herculean task of tracking 100s to 1000s of product listings and struggle with how to measure the success of a product listing. Aside from sales data, what is the best way to […]

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Reviewbox cloud integration

Cloud Integration is Here

Upload Data in Cloud-Based Storage The latest Reviewbox feature allows users to upload their eCommerce data directly from our platform into Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Simply select "Storage Settings" from the menu and add your credentials. Data can be loaded to multiple buckets and customized to fit the needs of […]

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Reviewbox goes to Groceryshop 2019

4 Takeaways from Groceryshop 2019

Groceryshop 2019 brought together industry experts in the CPG category to discuss trends in tech, marketing, and consumer behavior. Discover the top takeaways from the conference to help your CPG scale the digital shelf.

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Feedback honeycomb

Negative Reviews: How Bad are They?

How do Negative Reviews Hurt My Business?     Reviews are an integral part of your business. People look at reviews to decide where to eat, what to do and the best item to purchase. Consumer behavior is driving the need to have a steady stream of up to date and relevant reviews. If you […]

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