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Amazon Digital Shelf Data: Answers from Jim

Diagnosing the Digital Shelf Every brand wants to win share of voice when it comes to advertising and ROI, especially on  In order to win or gain share of voice, brands have to win the digital shelf. How can they do that? Brands need to ensure their products are discoverable through search rank on […]

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3 Ways Reviews Boost Your ROI in Business

3 Ways Reviews Boost Your ROI in Business As a business owner or director, you are interested in making decisions for your business that produce the highest ROI possible. Review management software can be one of the most necessary investments for your business to get comprehensive visibility into your digital marketplace and improve performance. Reputation […]

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Why does my brand need a review management tool?

Reviews. Can you recall the last time you purchased anything without first checking the reviews? Reviews have changed the customer decision journey. Shoppers look for feedback on a product before committing to their purchase decision. Buyers are better informed and have an expectation when they receive a product or service. Often, consumers view reviews as […]

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CPG & eCommerce: Building Brand Equity

Building Brand Equity Welcome back! You've made it to the final chapter in our CPG series. We are going to discuss a topic that probably matters most for your brand...building equity.  Both new and established businesses are looking for ways to prosper and create brand equity. You'll recall that we discussed targeting your consumer and breaking […]

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CPG & eCommerce: Reducing Barriers

Okay, so you’re a CPG business, you've collected data on your consumer and ready to take the next step in eCommerce selling. You are focused on your ideal consumer and have strategies to market to them. You'll recall we broke down the diversity of the ideal 'mom' consumer here. You know your customer is willing […]

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CPG and ecommerce

CPG & eCommerce: Unpacking What Matters Most

Unpack What Matters in CPG & eCommerce    Staying in front of the rapidly changing trends for eCommerce is an ever-evolving battle for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) business. Consumers are increasingly turning to online options to purchase household goods, replenish their favorite snacks, and save time on the grocery chore. We see this by […]

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