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Review Monitoring During a Crisis

At Reviewbox we know that communication is key to the growth of any business, especially during a moment of crisis.  That’s why we work to provide you with the best data and review engagement tool for your eCommerce business. As the eCommerce director or brand manager, you may be looking for ways to strategically address […]

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How to Respond to Amazon Reviews

Managing and Replying to Amazon Reviews As a brand, seller or customer service representative, you naturally want to manage reviews with ease. Being unaware of your reviews is damaging to brand image and to sales. Reviews create a clear picture of what a shopper can expect with your product. They also help boost customer loyalty […]

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2020 trends

eCommerce Trend Predictions for 2020

ECommerce Trends for 2020 ECommerce is looking promising for both retailers and consumers. Confidence in eCommerce continues to grow, logistics continue to expand and the strategic decisions are bettering the lives of their customers-- giving them back time, which always feels in short supply. Omnichannel retail is a great solution for all parties, as it integrates […]

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4 Challenges Facing Heritage Brands in eCommerce

Challenges facing heritage brands in eCommerce Heritage brands have to blend tradition and innovation to stand out and stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry, online retail. At Reviewbox, we strive to help companies outsmart the competition and focus on metrics that matter. The world is powered by digital experiences and heritage brands are looking to […]

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cyber monday ata

3 Ways to Thrive after Cyber Monday

Brands Thriving after Cyber Monday We've overindulged in turkey and stuffing, weathered Black Friday, and survived Cyber Monday. It's safe to say that the holiday shopping season is upon us. Brands have been looking at data and market trends to win in Q4. Gather data and make it work for your brand to finish Q4 […]

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review success

3 Ways Amazon Reviews Help Holiday Sales

As your business aims to better understand the customer feedback, it’s important to take a look into its composition. Reviews can affect SERP ranking and product sales. By understanding the drivers behind review content, your business can establish a strategy to manage reviews and feedback. We will give insights into the factors that influence customer review behavior.

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cat at computer

3 Trends and Tips in Ecommerce for Pet Brands

3 Trends and Tips in Ecommerce for Pet Brands Retailers, manufacturers, and investors are all vying for a piece of the "pet treat"/pie! Brands have to up their game in attracting the right consumers in the pet industry.  For particular items, such as food, replenishment is predictable. Ecommerce has seen a 92% growth rate in […]

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cyber monday ata

5 Ways to Optimize Cyber Monday Data to Scale

Participating in Cyber Monday deals through or other retailers provides extensive data for eCommerce and digital teams. In 2018 Cyber Monday made $7.9Billion in sales, making it the biggest sales day of the year and Amazon's history. To capitalize on the influx of consumers and demand increase eCommerce brands seek information in one place-- […]

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selling amazon

Amazon Digital Shelf Data: Answers from Jim

Diagnosing the Digital Shelf Every eCommerce brand wants to win share of shelf when it comes to advertising and ROI, especially on  So, how can brands win the digital shelf? Brands need to ensure their products are discoverable through search rank on eCommerce channels. The goal is to create a smooth digital path to […]

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3 Ways Reviews Boost Your ROI in Business

3 Ways Reviews Boost Your ROI in Business As a business owner or director, you are interested in making decisions for your business that produce the highest ROI possible. Review management software can be one of the most necessary investments for your business to get comprehensive visibility into your digital marketplace and improve performance. Reputation […]

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