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Amazon Advertising

Turn Last Year's Data into This Year's Roadmap

This four part series will discuss how to use last year's data from reviews, product searches, and keywords to build a roadmap for this year's Amazon Advertising campaigns. This first post reflects back on changes Amazon made in 2018 and predictions for 2019.

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How to enforce MAP policy

Monitoring and Enforcing MAP

Brand Guarde is an enforcement agency that helps brands protect themselves from counterfeiters, grey market sellers, MAP violators, and cutthroat competitors. Brand Guard utilizes tech, like Pricebox, to help identify who the violators are so they can pursue legal action against them.

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Webinar announcement

New Webinar in January!

How to Optimize Review Data to Grow Your Brand There is a lot of data out there. A lot. Data is great. Here at Reviewbox, WE LOVE DATA! But not everybody knows exactly how to optimize the data we provide to truly grow their brand. Most of our customers come to us with a specific […]

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amazon advertising bid management

Thriving During the Holidays as an Amazon Vendor

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Thanksgiving is over and we've overindulged in turkey and stuffing, weathered Black Friday, and survived Cyber Monday. It's safe to say that the holiday shopping season is upon us. Brick and mortar stores have had holiday displays up since at least Halloween day, some since July - big box craft […]

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New product features at Reviewbox

New Feature Update - Content Comparison on Copybox!

Easily Monitor Content Changes As a vendor, we know you have a lot on your plate - so we created a content comparison feature on Copybox, giving you one less thing to track on your items. Now you can easily monitor product listing changes with our visual comparison and grading tool. When you receive notifications that […]

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Reviewbox webinar

Intro to Reviewbox Webinar

Take a Guided Tour Through Reviewbox Join our Senior Account Manager, Hillary Rivera, on a guided tour through Reviewbox. Learn how to set up your account, access and view reports, and put them to use for your e-commerce team.   Intro to Reviewbox Webinar from Reviewbox on Vimeo.  

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New product features at Reviewbox

New Product Feature Alert

  New Export Features We love to hear from Reviewbox clients because your feedback helps us improve our products for you. These two new product features were developed especially from client feedback from users who wanted more control over their export files and reports. Data Export Settings Update Take control of your data exports so […]

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Amazon Advertising Vs. Ad Station

  Amazon Advertising and Ad Station Amazon is undoubtably the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world. Learning to navigate it can be tricky. There are millions of items available to buyers from Amazon, vendors, and third party sellers. How do you compete with them and get your products in front of potential buyers? The best […]

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amazon price tracker

How to Use Reviewbox's New Marketplace Feature

Does your e-commerce business sell the same items across multiple online platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target? Does your e-commerce team spend hours tracking prices and stock across platforms? Our new feature, Marketplace, makes it easy for you to see price movement for your items across different marketplaces. It's simple to use! Just group a set […]

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