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Why does my brand need a review management tool?

Reviews. Can you recall the last time you purchased anything without first checking the reviews? Reviews have changed the customer decision journey. Shoppers look for feedback on a product before committing to their purchase decision. Buyers are better informed and have an expectation when they receive a product or service. Often, consumers view reviews as […]

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The Amazon Marketplace: The Good, The Bad, and The Counterfeit

Counterfeiting in a Modern World Picture this: Your brand just created the perfect product, a mountable cupholder that you name “Cupable”. Cupable is the first of its kind, creating a new revolutionary way for people to hold their chilly beverages. Never again do you have to worry about leaving a condensation ring on your favorite […]

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Reviewbox goes to Groceryshop 2019

4 Takeaways from Groceryshop 2019

Groceryshop 2019 brought together industry experts in the CPG category to discuss trends in tech, marketing, and consumer behavior. Discover the top takeaways from the conference to help your CPG scale the digital shelf.

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Stash tea uses Reviewbox for review management.

How Stash Tea Uses Reviewbox

Stash Tea Uses Customer Reviews to See What’s Brewing Background: Portland, Oregon-based Stash Tea has carved out a niche in the tea market since its beginnings in 1972. The company fosters close relationships with farmers and suppliers to ensure they are sourcing high-quality natural ingredients, such as locally grown mint. They produce a wide variety […]

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graph brand equity

CPG & eCommerce: Building Brand Equity

Building Brand Equity Welcome back! You've made it to the final chapter in our CPG series. We are going to discuss a topic that probably matters most for your brand...building equity.  Both new and established businesses are looking for ways to prosper and create brand equity. You'll recall that we discussed targeting your consumer and breaking […]

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Feedback honeycomb

Negative Reviews: How Bad are They?

How do Negative Reviews Hurt My Business?     Reviews are an integral part of your business. People look at reviews to decide where to eat, what to do and the best item to purchase. Consumer behavior is driving the need to have a steady stream of up to date and relevant reviews. If you […]

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online shopping

CPG & eCommerce: Reducing Barriers

Ok, so you’re a CPG business, you've collected data on your consumer and ready to take the next step in eCommerce selling. You are focused on your ideal consumer and have strategies to market to them. You'll recall we broke down the diversity of the ideal 'mom' consumer here. You know your customer is willing […]

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Amazon on an iPhone screen

Structuring Your Amazon Advertising Account

Amazon Advertising 101 Advertising is often seen as one of the earliest forms of business communication. Dating as far back as 2000 B.C, advertising has always been a way to promote a service or product to the mass public. Beginning with the implementation of the stone tablet and oral advertising in 2000 B.C, advertising has […]

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