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Understanding Your Advertising Metrics: ACoS, TACoS, ROAS

Advertising for your e-commerce business is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase revenue and improve sales rank. As you advertise on an online marketplace, understanding the revenue being generated as a result of your spend is crucial. Amazon sellers are likely familiar with Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), which takes into […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Selling CRaP

Coined internally at Amazon, CRaP (which stands for “can’t realize a profit”) has become industry language for products that cannot yield profit according to the online retail giant’s algorithm. When an item receives the CRaP label, Amazon bans it from the “subscribe and save” program, inhibits promotions and restricts access to stocking and shipping at […]

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Why was Reviewbox founded?

Why Was Reviewbox Founded?

From Father to CEO James Horey sat in his living room with his two young children. It was early 2016; he had left his job at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in search of something different. James saw a problem. While the world changed with Amazon, uncertainty and discrepancies filled the seller ecosystem. Under Amazon's dashboard, […]

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Prime Day 2019

Getting Ready for Prime Day 2019

Prime Day 2019 We may not know the exact day in July, but we do know that Prime Day 2019 will be one of the biggest days in Amazon history. For brands, getting ready for Prime Day is a lot of work. And while the deadline for Amazon deals and discounts has already passed, brands […]

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Searchbox product update

Searchbox Updates Now Include Share of Voice

Share of Voice Arriving in Your Inbox Searchbox customers can now have notifications set to arrive in their inbox on a weekly or monthly basis. Here's a break down of what customers will see: Share of Voice - Receive an instant snapshot of what percentage of your listings are ranking in the top 10, for […]

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Analysis of Amazon Reviews, Part 2

How Have Amazon Reviews Changed Over Time? Behavior seen in reviewers has gradually changed over time, both due to businesses' increased focus on obtaining more product reviews and the sheer increase in number of reviewers. As e-commerce continues to replace brick-and-mortar, and increasingly more people move online to make purchases, Reviewbox thought it would be […]

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Analysis of Amazon Reviews

This is an updated version of our post on Amazon reviews from May 2017.    The Importance of Amazon Reviews We’ve previously discussed the importance of reviews to your online business and how to go about acquiring more. According to data from Podium, 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase […]

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The Challenges of Selling Internationally on Amazon

  Selling to an international audience can be a great way to reach new customers as well as add incremental revenue to your business, but global expansion is not without its pitfalls. Below we list out the most common issues:   Fulfillment and Shipping Getting products to your customers may be more complicated when shipping […]

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Amazon Alert - Missing Product Descriptions

Missing Product Description No. your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Your product’s description may actually be missing.  If this is the case, you’re not alone. We here at Reviewbox have noticed it as well. Here is an example of what you should be seeing.     This issue appears to be occurring across all browsers […]

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