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winning the buy box

Winning the Buy Box

The buy box on an Amazon product page is the golden key to product sales. What do brands and manufacturers need to do in order to keep the buy box from third party sellers?

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Use keywords from product reviews to discover new keywords.

Discovering New Keywords for your Amazon Ads

In this post we will look into keywords - which new keywords do I want to add to a campaign and what are some ways to find them? Using search term reports, customer product reviews, and Searchbox, you can craft Amazon Advertising campaigns that optimize organic and sponsored keywords.

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Amazon Advertising

Turn Last Year's Data into This Year's Roadmap

This four part series will discuss how to use last year's data from reviews, product searches, and keywords to build a roadmap for this year's Amazon Advertising campaigns. This first post reflects back on changes Amazon made in 2018 and predictions for 2019.

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amazon advertising bid management

Thriving During the Holidays as an Amazon Vendor

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Thanksgiving is over and we've overindulged in turkey and stuffing, weathered Black Friday, and survived Cyber Monday. It's safe to say that the holiday shopping season is upon us. Brick and mortar stores have had holiday displays up since at least Halloween day, some since July - big box craft […]

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New product features at Reviewbox

New Feature Update - Content Comparison on Copybox!

Easily Monitor Content Changes As a vendor, we know you have a lot on your plate - so we created a content comparison feature on Copybox, giving you one less thing to track on your items. Now you can easily monitor¬†product listing changes with our visual comparison and grading tool. When you receive notifications that […]

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