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Sneak Peek of Product Ratings & Reviews Reports

We collect a lot of data at Reviewbox. Using Reviewbox you can collect the star rating, review text, and questions that consumers post on Amazon (and other sites as well). While this is useful for improving customer service,  there's also a lot of valuable product and consumer insight embedded within the ratings and reviews.

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Webinar announcement

New Webinar in January!

How to Optimize Review Data to Grow Your Brand There is a lot of data out there. A lot. Data is great. Here at Reviewbox, WE LOVE DATA! But not everybody knows exactly how to optimize the data we provide to truly grow their brand. Most of our customers come to us with a specific […]

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Webinar introduction to Amazon keyword search tracker, review monitor, and Amazon Advertising bid optimization tool.

Announcing Our New Webinar!

Register today for the upcoming webinar, Getting Started with Reviewbox. This webinar will guide users through account setup and utilizing all of the tools that Reviewbox has to offer.

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