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Amazon on an iPhone screen

Brands Reluctantly Selling on Amazon

The “Everything Store” Amazon surpassed Google in 2018 as the destination for initial product searches with 54% of consumers turning to the platform when they’re shopping for a product. Amazon is an online marketplace, yet it’s arisen as one of the world’s top search engines due to the sheer quantity of its offerings. Think of […]

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Share of Voice

Understanding Your Brand's Share of Voice

The Rise of the Endless Aisle In the past, the key to brands’ products jumping off the shelves was directly related to their visibility in physical storefronts. To get ahead of competitors, brands would vie for the best possible product locations–eye-level placements, end caps, and front-of-store displays. While these positions are still sought after today, […]

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How to use data to make decisions

Questions for Data Driven Decision Making

What is Data Driven Decision Making? Data. The buzzword of the century it seems. According to DOMO, "Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, and it’s only going to grow from there. By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth." The sheer […]

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Amazon sponsored brands

What You Need to Know About Amazon's Sponsored Brands Updates

Updates to Amazon Sponsored Brands Amazon has recently updated its Sponsored Brands capabilities with new keyword options that will allow your brand to reach more shoppers and lower advertising costs. Amazon advertisers can now add negative keywords, broad match keywords, and broad match modifiers in the campaign builder and campaign manager. These modifiers can be […]

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Uncovering MAP Violations with Pricebox

Understanding Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Online sellers in a saturated eCommerce landscape will often cut prices in an effort to undercut competitors and capture sales. While this might be viewed with optimism in the short-run, this tactic will erode profits and brand equity further down the line. As price erosion becomes a more prominent issue, […]

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Using Searchbox, we inspect the digital shelf of Amazon Basics binders.

How Much of the Digital Shelf Does Amazon Own?

The Rise of Amazon Private Label In the face of scrutiny from public officials calling for the breakup of tech giants, Amazon has reportedly scaled back on aggressive advertising tactics for its private label brands. Nearly half of all e-commerce sales now occur in the Amazon marketplace, and many sellers believe that Amazon leverages its […]

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New product features at Reviewbox

Keep Customer Engagement Going with Response Tracking

The best way to engage the customer in the online world, especially a unsatisfied customer, is through responding to customer reviews. Not only can this increase brand loyalty, but did you know that responding to online reviews can increase your organic search ranking as well? Reviewbox helps brands with customer engagement through review response tracking.

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Best structure for ecommerce data

Reviewbox and eCommerce Data

Reviewbox runs on data. Your brand runs on the data we provide. The value of our product, in addition to time and efficiency of automated reports is the data we are able to collect from eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. There is a lot of data out there for your brand to analyze and store. So, which model of architecture should you consider?

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