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Why do my listings have the same Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon Update Recently, some of you may have noticed that some of your product listings have exactly the same Best Sellers Rank, in the same product category, at the same time. How is this possible? It looks like Amazon has made yet another change to its platform, this time affecting the Best Sellers Rank.  What […]

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The "Buy Used" Option on Amazon

Update Earlier this week Amazon made yet another change to its platform, this time affecting the information displayed inside the buy box on the product detail page. If any of your listings are currently experiencing stock issues such as "out of stock" or a shortage of "new" offerings, the buy box will be replaced with […]

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Amazon Presents Vendors with New Hurdle

What We Know At the beginning of the year, brands noticed that Amazon began to remove certain comments on reviews. The comments removed contained information like email addresses, URLs, and phone numbers that include letters (Ex. 1-800-PAINTER). In the past few weeks, Amazon updated its response flagging system in order to keep fraudulent accounts from […]

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Amazon Updates its Customer Questions and Answers

Update As many brands are aware, Amazon began making changes to its internal response filtering system at the beginning of the year.  We believe many of the changes are being made in order to better prevent fraudulent accounts from responding to both reviews and questions, as well as to improve the quality of customer content […]

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The Manufacturer Badge on Amazon

The Manufacturer Badge On Amazon, vendors have the option of displaying a badge next to their handle when posting a response to a question or review. That badge is the "Manufacturer Badge", and it's more important than you think. What is it? To know how important the manufacturer badge is, we have to look at […]

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Understanding Price Competition on Amazon

Understanding Price Competition on Amazon Price competition on Amazon is fierce. How is your brand targeting a particular market segment with your pricing strategy? Does your brand know how they stack against the competition?  Below, we are going to use search results to analyze pricing on the digital shelf and provide examples of pricing strategy.  […]

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Top 5 KPI's for Brands on Amazon

What Metrics Can be Used to Evaluate the Health of a Product Listing? E-commerce managers managing large product catalogs on Amazon have the Herculean task of tracking 100s to 1000s of product listings and struggle with how to measure the success of a product listing. Aside from sales data, what is the best way to […]

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How to Respond to Amazon Reviews

Managing and Replying to Amazon Reviews As a brand, seller or customer service representative, you naturally want to manage reviews with ease. Being unaware of your reviews is damaging to brand image and to sales. Reviews create a clear picture of what a shopper can expect with your product. They also help boost customer loyalty […]

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2020 trends

eCommerce Trend Predictions for 2020

ECommerce Trends for 2020 ECommerce is looking promising for both retailers and consumers. Confidence in eCommerce continues to grow, logistics continue to expand and the strategic decisions are bettering the lives of their customers-- giving them back time, which always feels in short supply. Omnichannel retail is a great solution for all parties, as it integrates […]

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4 Challenges Facing Heritage Brands in eCommerce

Challenges facing heritage brands in eCommerce Heritage brands have to blend tradition and innovation to stand out and stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry, online retail. At Reviewbox, we strive to help companies outsmart the competition and focus on metrics that matter. The world is powered by digital experiences and heritage brands are looking to […]

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