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New product features at Reviewbox

Updating our Grid View

If you've recently logged into Reviewbox, you may have noticed that we've made a few changes. Stylistically we've made updates to the menu (it's thinner and collapsable), but the big change you'll notice is the new data grid. In addition to looking different, it behaves quite a bit differently as well. Before we dive into the […]

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Use keywords from product reviews to discover new keywords.

Discovering New Keywords for your Amazon Ads

In this post we will look into keywords - which new keywords do I want to add to a campaign and what are some ways to find them? Using search term reports, customer product reviews, and Searchbox, you can craft Amazon Advertising campaigns that optimize organic and sponsored keywords.

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Reviewbox webinar

Intro to Reviewbox Webinar

Take a Guided Tour Through Reviewbox Join our Senior Account Manager, Hillary Rivera, on a guided tour through Reviewbox. Learn how to set up your account, access and view reports, and put them to use for your e-commerce team.   Intro to Reviewbox Webinar from Reviewbox on Vimeo.  

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Reviewbox data export price tracking

How to Use the Updated Data Export Feature on Reviewbox

At Reviewbox we love data so much, we collect it three times a day! This gives you the most granular view of your business to help you succeed with price tracking, monitoring MAP violations, stock quantities, and Buybox ownership. But we also know that for some people, so much data can be overwhelming to deal with. That's why we have updated our program to let you choose how much data you download at a time.

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Improve the Ratings for Your Products

Improving the average rating for your products can have a meaningful impact on sales and brand perception. How many reviews do I need to improve the average rating of my product and what does that breakdown look like by stars?

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