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Is My Brand Up To Date on Amazon?

Amazon Encourages You to Stay Up to Date Did you receive the new Amazon update email? Even if you did, you need to make sure that your brand is up to date before the new guidelines roll out. With Amazon consistently changing its seller/vendor platform, they strongly encourage brands to stay up to date through […]

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What Makes Page One Products Stand Out on Amazon?

Every business hopes to drive its products to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Research has shown that 70% of shoppers will never click past the first page of search results, and 35% of them will click on the very first product featured. 64% of clicks will be on the first three […]

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Why was Reviewbox founded?

Why Was Reviewbox Founded?

From Father to CEO James Horey sat in his living room with his two young children. It was early 2016; he had left his job at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in search of something different. James saw a problem. While the world changed with Amazon, uncertainty and discrepancies filled the seller ecosystem. Under Amazon's dashboard, […]

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Analysis of Amazon Reviews, Part 2

How Have Amazon Reviews Changed Over Time? Behavior seen in reviewers has gradually changed over time, both due to businesses' increased focus on obtaining more product reviews and the sheer increase in number of reviewers. As e-commerce continues to replace brick-and-mortar, and increasingly more people move online to make purchases, Reviewbox thought it would be […]

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Analysis of Amazon Reviews

This is an updated version of our post on Amazon reviews from May 2017.    The Importance of Amazon Reviews We’ve previously discussed the importance of reviews to your online business and how to go about acquiring more. According to data from Podium, 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase […]

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tracking MAP and unauthorized sellers

Protecting Your Product Listing from Unauthorized Sellers

What are Unauthorized Sellers? The dreaded unauthorized seller. An unfortunate reality in the world of e-commerce. Unauthorized sellers use e-commerce platforms to sell a brand's products to unknowing customers. Most of the time these customers believe they are purchasing directly from the brand. This creates confusion for both the customer and brand as they try […]

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New product features at Reviewbox

Copybox Updates to Help Users Track Product Listing Changes

Copybox - Your Tool for Product Listing Content Management Copybox allows users to track and monitor content changes across Amazon and other online retailers. It's a good idea to track product listing content for a few reasons. Ensure that unauthorized 3p sellers aren't hijacking a listing. Ensure that the brand message is consistent across platforms. […]

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Get More Reviews for your Products

  There’s no question that product reviews are a key component of Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Customers assess potential purchases by leveraging information available, making reviews a vital part of selling online. Reviews are a method of verification for shoppers for seller reliability and product quality. There are millions of products for sale on Amazon; for […]

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Brands Reluctantly Selling on Amazon

The “Everything Store” Amazon surpassed Google in 2018 as the destination for initial product searches with 54% of consumers turning to the platform when they’re shopping for a product. Amazon is an online marketplace, yet it’s arisen as one of the world’s top search engines due to the sheer quantity of its offerings. Think of […]

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