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The "Buy Used" Option on Amazon

Update Earlier this week Amazon made yet another change to its platform, this time affecting the information displayed inside the buy box on the product detail page. If any of your listings are currently experiencing stock issues such as "out of stock" or a shortage of "new" offerings, the buy box will be replaced with […]

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Amazon Presents Vendors with New Hurdle

What We Know At the beginning of the year, brands noticed that Amazon began to remove certain comments on reviews. The comments removed contained information like email addresses, URLs, and phone numbers that include letters (Ex. 1-800-PAINTER). In the past few weeks, Amazon updated its response flagging system in order to keep fraudulent accounts from […]

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brand report card

Brand Report Card

The Brand Report Card from Reviewbox How to Measure a Successful Product Listing with the Brand Report Card Ecommerce is a volatile and everchanging landscape. Brands are facing new challenges with an expansion of the 3p marketplace across some retailers, new brands disrupting across categories, and consumers shifting away from brand loyalty to trust ratings […]

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Reviewbox cloud integration

Cloud Integration is Here

Upload Data in Cloud-Based Storage The latest Reviewbox feature allows users to upload their eCommerce data directly from our platform into Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Simply select "Storage Settings" from the menu and add your credentials. Data can be loaded to multiple buckets and customized to fit the needs of […]

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Using the New Reporting Feature

Reviewbox's New Reporting Feature Whether you're a new or experienced user, you might have noticed the new Reporting Feature on the Reviewbox applications taskbar. What this feature does is allow its users to create daily, weekly, or monthly reports based on Ad Station performance, lost Buy Box rate, ratings & reviews, and share of voice. […]

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Searchbox product update

Searchbox Updates Now Include Share of Voice

Share of Voice Arriving in Your Inbox Searchbox customers can now have notifications set to arrive in their inbox on a weekly or monthly basis. Here's a break down of what customers will see: Share of Voice - Receive an instant snapshot of what percentage of your listings are ranking in the top 10, for […]

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New product features at Reviewbox

Copybox Updates to Help Users Track Product Listing Changes

Copybox - Your Tool for Product Listing Content Management Copybox allows users to track and monitor content changes across Amazon and other online retailers. It's a good idea to track product listing content for a few reasons. Ensure that unauthorized 3p sellers aren't hijacking a listing. Ensure that the brand message is consistent across platforms. […]

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Your Daily Email Notifications are Getting a New Look

We know our customer's love their daily email notifications! So we decided to re-vamp them a bit. Overall the information in the Reviewbox and Pricebox emails will be the same, but just more organized. For the Reviewbox email, the distribution of star ratings can now be seen across different marketplaces. You can also view questions […]

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