CPG & eCommerce: Reducing Barriers

online shopping

Ok, so you’re a CPG business, you've collected data on your consumer and ready to take the next step in eCommerce selling. You are focused on your ideal consumer and have strategies to market to them. You'll recall we broke down the diversity of the ideal 'mom' consumer here.

You know your customer is willing to embrace digital eCommerce. What’s next for you?


It’s time to focus on innovation and reducing barriers.


Customers want to shop your site or go online for a variety of reasons. Brand recognition alone is not enough to keep them connected to your product. Customer loyalty has shifted its focus to convenience and ease. As an innovative company, you should reduce barriers to create that sale. Here are a few ways to reduce barriers and be innovative:

  • Staying In Stock
  • Pricing and Shipping
  • Communication, Reviews and Search Terms barriers


Exciting things are happening in the CPG world as the marketplace is embracing the opportunities online. One fundamental barrier you want to break down for your consumers is to be in stock on your products. Being out of stock can create a negative association for your brand with your consumer and lead them to a competitor. Convenience is a major reason shoppers look online. Maintaining inventory reinforces the idea of convenience you’re your consumer. It also builds confidence in your brand.


This idea of convenience is a thread that should trickle throughout your online platform and strategy. Ease of delivery and price incentives is another barrier you want to address when creating your online presence. You may provide free shipping or returns as a savings option for your consumer. Other approaches to reduce barriers are digital coupons, a total sales minimum for free shipping or email sign-ups. All of these incentives attract consumers to your brand.

Feedback from Consumers

With online shopping, communication is key. Consumers love to provide feedback and interact with their brands. Because of this, reviews are necessary for your business online. Whether your consumer is searching for dog food, beauty products or children’s snacks one thing is certain—they are looking at your reviews.  Reviews build trust, provide feedback and most importantly provide a simple avenue for you to interact with your consumer directly. Reviewbox provides you the capability to address both positive and negative reviews. Reviews are a great instrument to identify an opportunity or solidify your consumer trust.


We’ve discussed some obvious barriers to your online business- but you may still be asking yourself one question- how will the consumer find me? Depending on the size of your CPG business and your budget this may be of considerable concern. A simple answer is “search terms”. For example, in order to grow on the largest US online retailer, Amazon, you’ll want to appear in the top pages for your items. In order to be easily found online, your search terms and keywords are pivotal. As you begin or look to grow if established, keywords and search terms can take some fine-tuning. Searchbox can help you understand your search rank to capture the digital shelf. Having a robust keyword index can help break the barrier of reaching your consumer.


Remember, that your online presence continues to influence consumers in their buy decisions both online and offline. Continuing to focus on your consumers and reduce barriers to create loyalty will help your CPG business grow in market share and sales.


Next week, tune in to hear about building brand equity.