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What problems has Reviewbox helped you solve?

“With the growing importance of ecommerce and specifically, Amazon, you need to have the best tools to manage your brand and the customer experience. Amazon’s tools aren’t always as focused on their suppliers or their manufacturers as other retail partners may be. Many of them are lacking.

“Despite that, it’s still important for us to reach our customers in particular areas, know what they’re saying to get that sentiment about us, and really gain some useful insights. We didn’t have a way to do that before Reviewbox and that’s really important to us.

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Daniel Fersner
Radio Systems Corporation

What makes Reviewbox stand out?

“It’s an easy way for us to see a snapshot of the daily reviews about our products. The reporting feature is also very beneficial. You can export whatever information you want into Excel and sort it according to your needs.

It’s an easy-to-use, straightforward tool that gives us everything we need to know about our reviews. Reviewbox is continually adding new features to make the tool more robust. They solicit feedback from their customers in order to help solve problems.”

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Laurie Louvier
Seastar Solutions

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