Dealing with Prior Negative Reviews for an Updated or Improved Product


The worst case scenario happened: one of your products has accumulated a slew of negative reviews due to product quality. How do you move on after you’ve fixed the quality issues?

Here are a few options when re-launching those products:


Get a New ASIN and Product Detail Page

This is the most extreme option to deal with prior negative reviews. Nonetheless it is still useful if the product change was very large or if the prior set of reviews are so negative that you no longer want the product to be associated with them.


Keep the ASIN and Replace the Product

Respond to prior and future negative reviews with your customer service number and email address. This will allow your service team to ensure that customers are made aware that the quality issues have been resolved. We also suggest updating the product features with descriptions addressing the new updates.

The downside to this strategy is that the prior negative reviews will still exist. However, the number of positive reviews that result from your relaunch should serve to overshadow the prior negative reviews.


Add the Item as a Variation

The updated product can be added as a new variation with the prior version marked as obsolete. This strategy is similar to the prior option, with the difference being that users have the ability to filter the reviews by variation.