Reviewbox and eCommerce Data

First, let's define data lake and data warehouse. A data lake is a centralized repository for all data, including raw and unstructured. Data is selected and organized when needed, to be utilized in a structured data warehouse.

How to use a data lake

A data warehouse is specially designed for data analytics, which involves reading large amounts of information to understand relationships and trends across the data. It is organized into a single schema before being put into the central repository, or "warehouse." It is considered a core component of business intelligence. Amazon Web Services defines data warehouse as "a central repository of information coming from one or more data sources. Data typically flows into a data warehouse from transactional systems and other relational databases, and typically includes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. This data is processed, transformed, and ingested at a regular cadence. Users including data scientists, business analysts, and decision-makers access the data through BI tools, SQL clients, and spreadsheets."

What is a data warehouse?

Data and eCommerce

There are many opportunities to collect data across eCommerce platforms. The data that eCommerce platforms like Amazon provide to brands and sellers would be more suited for a company's data lake. It is raw, unprocessed data or loosely structured and users have to dig through it to determine how to use it. The data that company's receive from Reviewbox is more refined and can easily be processed and placed into an established data warehouse. From the data you receive and store in your data warehouse you can look at consumer behavior, source keywords, and improve products.

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