Getting Ready for Prime Day 2019

Prime Day 2019

We may not know the exact day in July, but we do know that Prime Day 2019 will be one of the biggest days in Amazon history. For brands, getting ready for Prime Day is a lot of work. And while the deadline for Amazon deals and discounts has already passed, brands are still able to take action to make this Prime Day a chance to win the Buy Box.

Ensure Adequate Inventory

The game is in the name. Most shoppers expect Amazon Prime's signature two day delivery service. Because of this, brands should ensure they have enough products in stock at Amazon's fulfillment centers to adequately deal with the expected spike in demand. Seller Central brands utilizing FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) need to ensure these shipments take place in advance of Prime Day.

According to Forbes, Amazon announced a deadline of June 27 for all Sellers to have their inventory at their fulfillment centers. With this date nearing, it is important for brands to ensure they have adequate inventory.

Create Discounts

Consumers see Prime Day as a chance to take advantage of amazing deals. Fortunately, Amazon allows any Vendor or Seller to create their own discounts. These can be in the form of dollar amount or percentages. Discounts and coupons can entice potential buyers to purchase your products, thereby increasing your share in the Prime Day craze.

Beef Up Your Listing

Worldwide Business Research conducted a survey of brands to better understand product presentation. 36% of respondents consider the way they present products a critical part of the customer experience. It's no surprise that consumers are in-tune with how products look. The same is true for product listings.

Last year, over 100 million products were sold during Prime Day. For Prime Day to be successful for brands, they need to stand out. As a brand, your listing is the digital equivalent of product packaging. To entice potential customers, you will want to ensure your listing, images, and copy are good to go. For brands with large catalogs, solutions such as Copybox can help you manage your entire catalog from a central location.

Spread the Word

While deals are the central part of Prime Day, brands should use other channels to spread the word. For brands with a large social media presence, this is a no brainer. Social media allows constant access to customers in nearly every aspect of their lives. Utilizing these channels can result in huge gains for brands.

In Closing

Prime Day 2019 is going to be a huge day for Amazon retailers. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to spend time ensuring they are prepared. Start by ensuring your inventory is good to go, then incentivize customers with discounts. Follow this with beefing up your listings, and finally, spread the word with a solid social media campaign. Preparing for Prime Day will ensure that your brand is ready to win the buy box.