How to Respond to Amazon Reviews

Managing and Replying to Amazon Reviews

As a brand, seller or customer service representative, you naturally want to manage reviews with ease.

Being unaware of your reviews is damaging to brand image and to sales. Reviews create a clear picture of what a shopper can expect with your product. They also help boost customer loyalty and convince on-the-fence shoppers.

Regarding your business strategy and awareness, reviews boost SEO. The more someone talks about your brand the more search visibility you will have online.

In order to stay well informed, your team will need a strategy and simple workflow for handling reviews.

You should respond to reviews 3 stars or less to show the customer you value their feedback. Customers are motivated to leave reviews for product performance, shipping, and total experience.

Replying to positive reviews is also good for your brand image.

Negative Reviews are a Nuisance, but You Can Recover

You are bound to receive some negative reviews and unnoticed, they can damage your team's efforts to create a positive customer experience. However, if you are set up for alerts, you don't have to miss a single review.

The 5 steps to keep in mind regarding negative reviews are

  1. React Quickly
  2. Stay Calm
  3. Express Empathy and Understanding
  4. Address the Issue
  5. Follow Up, if possible
  • To combat the inevitable negative review, be proactive. Take control and manage your conversation with a dissatisfied customer by setting up alerts with a software solutions system. This allows you to address in a timely manner.
  • Focus on the most damaging and address them as quickly as possible. This will help your brand health and possibly prevent a public perception issue.
  • As we have mentioned before, having some 3-star and below reviews gives validity to your product.
  • Being able to mention negative reviews allows your company and brand to show superior customer service and that you care about your customers.

Have More Good Than Bad

The best way to combat negative reviews is to have more positive reviews for your product or service.

  • Contact the customer directly, if possible. You may do this by a private exchange, so as to not air "dirty laundry" in a public forum. Keep your brand image in mind when replying and be courteous to your customer. You may be able to patch the issue up and create a long term, repeat customer if the review is handled well.
  • It takes approximately 12 positive reviews to make up for one 1 or 2 start review.

Use Positive Reviews to Improve Brand Equity

5 Ways positive reviews benefit your brand are

  1. Social Proof Drives Sales
  2. Build Trust
  3. Create a Conversation
  4. Boost SEO Visibility
  5. Direct Line to Customers

A benefit of gathering reviews and having a dedicated team member analyze them is that they can help your brand story. By pulling out common positive keywords from your reviews you can highlight the success of your product in your marketing content. Customer interactions with your products, through reviews, can provide intelligence for your brand message.

Reviews speak to your brand credibility. Brand equity is the perceived value of your company through the public's eyes. It's based on your reputation, often supported by reviews provided by your customers.

Reviews are one of the best ways to improve the customer experience.


In order to stand out amongst competitors you'll need a positive brand image.

It's important to manage and shape your online perception in order to attract and win over new customers. Look at reviews to fine-tune your marketing message and connect with your audience.