Intro to Reviewbox

This quick, 30-minute tour of the Reviewbox software will show you the basics. Learn how to set up your account, navigate the tool, access and view reports, and put them to use for your eCommerce team. Join Hillary Rivera, Senior Sales Manager at Reviewbox, as she walks through our review management software.

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Optimize Review Data to Grow Your Brand

This webinar will take you on a deep dive of our Reviewbox software and show you how to optimize the data to grow your brand. The data imbedded in online customer reviews of products offers opportunities to:
– discover new keywords for SEO
– help increase product quality
– develop brand loyalty

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How to Protect Your Listings from Unauthorized Sellers

As Amazon’s 3p marketplace grows, brands and manufacturers are facing an increase in MAP violations from unauthorized sellers, as well as an uptick in hijacked listings and counterfeited items. Joe Kovacs of Brand Guarde joins us to discuss what you can do to protect your listings.

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