How to Spot Negative Trends in Your Product Reviews

How to Spot Negative Trends in Your Product Reviews

Recently Reviewbox released a new report to help brands get a detailed look at the health of their product listings. The new Ratings and Reviews report has many features but today we are going to focus on the Average Rating graph. This graph can be used to track an individual listing or for competitive analysis.  eCommerce professionals can quickly spot negative trends in their product ratings, what those mean, and what actions can be taken to drive ratings back up.

Average Rating Chart

This chart shows a rolling 30 day average of reviews in the tea category, over the course of almost two months. Within this category, you can see the ratings remained fairly consistent across the category (with a few exceptions of dynamic movement for some brands with ratings spiking up or down). 

A Deeper Dive

These two brands had the biggest fluctuation in ratings, with Twinnings dropping from an average rating of over 4.6 to a low of 4.2 in the space of three weeks. This is the information a brand manager can dive into to determine what was driving ratings down. By honing in on the low rated reviews for that three week period, one can determine if there is a product quality issue, a content issue, or a counterfeit issue.

The same can be said for the increase in ratings that Yogi experience over the same time period. This indicates there was a postive trend in ratings over that period. How can a brand manager dive into this data to discover additional trends? Pull the reviews and sales data from this period. Was there a change in content that reflected well on the brand, a recent release of updated product, and was the customer care team enagaged with the consumer?

Data is Key

Data is key to success but, with so much product data available, it is easy to get overwhelmed and miss trends.  This small portion of one report is designed to give managers the data they need to identify pain points,  develop strategy, and keep their brands healthy in eCommerce. Interested in learning more about our new advanced reports? Contact for a demo or watch our Advanced Reporting Webinar.