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New Export Features

We love to hear from Reviewbox clients because your feedback helps us improve our products for you. These two new product features were developed especially from client feedback from users who wanted more control over their export files and reports.

Data Export Settings Update

Take control of your data exports so they work for you. Create custom titles and columns for your export files. It's simple to set up!

Select "Export Settings" in the left hand menu. Then select the type of export you want to modify from the dropdown menu.

Reviewbox data export feature

Use the dropdown menu to add additional columns to your export.

Reviewbox data export feature

Easily remove columns by clicking on the red "X".  Change the order of column using the up and down arrow keys. Enter original column titles in the text field.

Reviewbox data export feature

Review Categorization

We've added a new categorization feature on Reviewbox. Now you can filter reviews by "Sentiment"  - grouping together positive reviews, negative reviews, and neutral reviews. You can also filter them based on the topic of the review - from shipping issues to quality control.

Reviewbox data export feature Reviewbox data export feature

Keep Them Coming

We hope these features help you optimize your data exports. Keep the feedback coming!