New Webinar in January!

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How to Optimize Review Data to Grow Your Brand

There is a lot of data out there. A lot. Data is great. Here at Reviewbox, WE LOVE DATA! But not everybody knows exactly how to optimize the data we provide to truly grow their brand. Most of our customers come to us with a specific problem for Reviewbox to solve such as "we need one platform to find our product reviews."  Not everybody realizes how data rich these reviews can be, offering insights into product development and SEO.

This webinar will take you on a deep dive of our Reviewbox software and show you how to optimize the data to grow your brand. The data embedded in online customer reviews of products offers opportunities to:

- discover new keywords for SEO
- help increase product quality
- develop brand loyalty

Our senior account manager, Hillary Rivera, will walk you through how to extract this data and apply it for optimal growth. She will also discuss increasing product ratings through customer reviews.

There is limited space for this webinar so register today!