How to Use the Updated Data Export Feature on Reviewbox

At Reviewbox we love data so much, we collect it three times a day! This gives you the most granular view of your business to help you succeed with price tracking, monitoring MAP violations, stock quantities, and Buybox ownership. But we also know that for some people, so much data can be overwhelming to deal with. That's why we have updated our program to let you choose how much data you download at a time.

Now you have the option to download a simple snapshot of one observation or a detailed report of three observations from the day. Select "Daily" for one observation and "Raw" for all three collections from your date range.

Reviewbox Data Export

The example below shows what a once daily data export might look vs the three times a day raw data export. For example, on the daily export you can see the Mint Green Tea 10 Count Bags was $8.99 at the time of the data pull. The raw export reveals that the price went up to $9.99 later in the 24 hour period. Reviewbox data pull example

Still have questions about the data export and which setting is right for you? Contact us at