Enforce Your Prices

Simple MAP monitoring for Amazon. Know who is selling your products and for how much.

MAP Violations

Set your both a minimum and maximum price for your products. We'll alert you whenever a seller violates your pricing and provide a detailed history.

Buy Box Alerts

Know who owns the buy box on Amazon. We'll alert you when your preferred merchant loses the buy box.

3P Sellers

Get a detailed list of all your sellers including in-depth price history. We'll let you know whenever a new seller appears for your products.

Sales Rank

View the sales rank of each of your products across all the sub-categories. Later export the historical data to do a detailed analysis.

What our customers are saying

Melanie Grapes from Chapin

Pricebox gives you visibility into what is driving the market so you can make more informed decisions about your own pricing strategiers with:
- Daily email notifications on the ASIN's you want to track.
- Price movement graphed over time so you don't have to build endless spreadsheets and spend endless hours tracking critical data. Priceless!

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