Optimize Your Amazon Marketing Services Campaigns

Scale Amazon Advertising with automated reporting, powerful bid management, and integrated account management. Ad Station is your complete e-commerce marketing solution.

Everything You Need to Optimize Amazon Advertising

Brands and agencies use Ad Station to save time, scale their efforts, and drive growth.

Optimize Your Bids

  • Define automatic bidding rules using our bid management platform
  • Use custom fields to conditionally apply rules
  • Set default bids and change bids with ease
  • New bids are automatically emailed to you for approval
  • Lower ACoS and increase RoAS
amazon bid management platform

Organize Your Campaigns & Keywords

  • Tag your campaigns & target keywords with custom fields for quick filtering
  • Change campaign names and establish naming conventions
  • Specify who should automatically receive the right Excel reports
tag your campaigns and keywords

Stop Manually Compiling Reports

  • Instant analytics for all Amazon Advertising reports
  • Compare key metrics to prior periods
  • Detailed Excel reports sent to your inbox every week
automated AMS reports

Powerful Features for Vendors


Link Multiple VC & SC Accounts

Link multiple vendor & seller central accounts in a single platform for easier account and campaign management with our PPC management software

Powerful Dashboard

Instant analytics across your campaigns, search terms, and ASINs with the ability to drill down makes AMS management easier.  Our analytics tool helps improve your advertising strategy and allows for Amazon campaign optimization.

Detailed Event Log

Our system records every Amazon campaign and bid change so that you’ll know exactly when & what happened. Whether it’s for product display ads or sponsored products, Ad Station is here to help.

Organic Search Visibility

Optimize your campaigns by using your organic search ranking for relevant keywords (Searchbox required).

Personal Support

Speak with a dedicated account manager over the phone anytime you have questions.

Keyword Suggestions – Coming Soon

Let our system send you new target keyword suggestions by analyzing your reviews and questions (Reviewbox required).