Control the Buy Box and Protect Your Margins

Use Pricebox to enforce MAP, be notified of Buy Box changes, and get a complete list of all your sellers. Winning the Buy Box, monitoring MAP, and optimizing your listings just got a lot easier.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Prices

Bocce Ball Set of 8
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Price Plus Shipping

See the current Buy Box and shipping costs for an Amazon listing.

Stock Levels

Quickly know when the stock level is in 3p, low, slow or unavailable.

Buy Box Owner

See the product’s current Buy Box owner.

Badges, Amazon Prime

Track a variety of badges like Add-On Item, Pantry, and identify which products have a Prime offer.


View all the sellers and their offers on the item.

Powerful Features for Vendors

Brands use Pricebox to monitor MAP compliance across different marketplaces including Amazon. Our platform tracks Buy Box ownership, stock levels, detailed pricing, and sales rank.

Multiple Marketplaces


Enforce and monitor MAP across multiple retailers. We support Amazon (US & international), Walmart, Target, and other major retail sites.

MAP Violations


Set your minimum advertised price for your products with our price tracker. We’ll alert you whenever a seller violates your pricing and provide a detailed history. Improve your pricing enforcement and monitor unauthorized 3p sellers with our price tracking software.

Buy Box Alerts

Know who owns the Buy Box on Amazon. Our tools alert you when Amazon or your SC account loses the Buy Box.

3P Sellers

Get a detailed list of all your sellers including in-depth price history. We’ll let you know whenever a new seller appears for your products.

Sales Rank

Monitor the sales rank of each of your products across all the sub-categories with our Amazon tracker. Later export the historical data to do a detailed sales analysis.

Export Your Prices

Get complete access to the entire history of all your pricing and stock availability. All our exports are detailed enough to perform in-depth pricing analytics. Our pricing data will help you optimize your list price and monitor MAP.