Reviewbox for Amazon Teams

The data solution for Amazon and Marketing Agencies. Monitor, optimize, and support your client’s digital shelf with our easy-to-use platform.

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Tools for Brand Management and Amazon Advertising

Boost Brand Awareness

Grow your client’s share of the digital shelf with a detailed share of voice reports.

Measure Performance

Track content changes and measure against lost Buy Box and search rank.

Scale Amazon Ads

Monitor campaigns across all of your VC and SC accounts, all on one platform.

A single platform with all the tools your team needs.

Harness the voice of the customer and discover opportunities for new keywords and content with Reviewbox.

Monitor pricing across platforms to ensure 3p sellers are honoring MAP policy with Pricebox.

Maintain a historical record of content changes and monitor for listing hijacking with Copybox. 

Discover competitors rankings for your keywords and track search rank performance with Searchbox.

Manage Amazon Advertising campaigns with detailed reports and automatic bidding on Ad Station.

Share advanced reports directly with your clients.

The Reviewbox Suite

Use the Suite to build-out campaign strategies for your clients. Discover new search terms and marketing data in Reviewbox, analyze them in Searchbox, and optimize them with Ad Station. Save your team time with brand management and scale Amazon Advertising.

Reviewbox provides dedicated account managers.

We Support You

We offer personal support to answer any questions your team has. A dedicated account manager will be available to troubleshoot and offer tips and tricks to create growth and visibility. The Learning Center provides tutorials, webinars, and other opportunities for growth.

 “Bottom line, we have used Pricebox to help brands identify Buy Box issues and problem sellers without constantly monitoring the Amazon site. This saves many hours of manual work, and pays huge dividends long term.”

– Jason Ross, Conquest

Beekeeper Marketing

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“Using Reviewbox to drive strategy lets me discover what are people searching for, what do I need to put more money into, who’s winning over me, where do I put my effort to get the most benefit?”

– Sabir Semerkant, Vayner Media