Reviewbox for Business Analytics

Reviewbox gives you the tools you need to gain insight into your brand’s                      e-commerce business. Receive data on customer sentiment,  Buy Box,               search rank and more. 

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Tools for In-depth Analysis

Maximize Reach

BA teams can easily source data from across retailers onto one platform and quickly distribute actionable insights to other teams.

Boost Productivity

Automated reports, quick filters, and customizable dashboards allow you to easily filter the information you need.

Visualize Trends

Look back at historical data for a better understanding of your business. Track trends and identify issues with Reviewbox’s suite of reports.

A single platform with all the tools your team needs.

Understand the voice of the customer with Reviewbox’s Ratings and Reviews report.

Track the Buy Box ownership across ASINs with the Lost Buy Box report.

Track changes in content with Copybox to use in comparative analysis against advertising campaigns.

Use Searchbox’s Share of Voice Report to see how a product is ranking on the digital shelf compared to the competition.

Customize your data in downloadable CSV or excel files. Never miss a report with automatic downloads.

Understand the health of your  Amazon Advertising campaigns with detailed reports and automatic bidding.

A Complete Toolbox

Collecting data from across retailers and Amazon, business teams can collect a full picture of a product listing’s health through ratings, reviews, search rank, and content. Use the entire suite of Reviewbox tools for exceptional insight into your e-commerce business.

Reviewbox provides excellent customer service.

Stay Connected

Our support team helps answer questions and provides personal onboarding for teams. Reviewbox’s Learning Center provides tutorials, webinars, and other opportunities for growth.

 “Bottom line, we have used Pricebox to help brands identify Buy Box issues and problem sellers without constantly monitoring the Amazon site. This saves many hours of manual work, and pays huge dividends long term.”

– Jason Ross, Conquest

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