Is My Brand Up To Date on Amazon?

Amazon Encourages You to Stay Up to Date

Did you receive the new Amazon update email? Even if you did, you need to make sure that your brand is up to date before the new guidelines roll out.

With Amazon consistently changing its seller/vendor platform, they strongly encourage brands to stay up to date through the implementation of a "high-quality brand logo." A logo is a "graphical symbol, icon, or word-mark that uniquely identifies your brand."

Logos are not allowed to include:

  • more than one brand’s logo
  • more than one tagline or slogan
  • complex graphical backgrounds
  • products or other photography
  • calls to action
  • other non-branding visual elements.

Why are the guidelines changing?

Amazon is changing its guidelines in order to prepare for the new ad formats they will be introducing throughout the year. They feel that this change will help shoppers better recognize your stores brand. If you currently don't have a logo, Amazon suggests that you either create one or hire a third-party logo designer to help you. As far as your current campaigns go, if they do not meet the new guidelines, they will continue to run in the older creative layout of Sponsored Brands.