Using the New Reporting Feature

Reviewbox's New Reporting Feature

Whether you're a new or experienced user, you might have noticed the new Reporting Feature on the Reviewbox applications taskbar. What this feature does is allow its users to create daily, weekly, or monthly reports based on Ad Station performance, lost Buy Box rate, ratings & reviews, and share of voice.

Creating a Shared Report

The new Shared Report feature allows you to share advanced reports with your CEO, your boss, co-workers and even your grandma! When it comes to creating a shared advanced report, there are a few key steps that you have to follow. First, from the Reviewbox dashboard, click on the "Reports" tab on the taskbar.

After clicking on the "Reports" tab, you will then click on "Create report" at the top of the page.Next, you will be able to choose what kind of report you want to generate from the following; Ad Station report, Lost Buy Box report, Ratings & Reviews report, and Share of Voice report. For this example, we will be generating a Lost Buy Box report.After choosing the type of report you want to create, you will have the ability to customize that report. Through customization, you will have the ability to choose the date range for the report, as well as the option to select how often you want to receive your report. After customizing your report, you will have the option to share the report with as many people as you want.

After you decide on who to share the report with, you are now ready to click "Create Report." To find your report, scroll back up to the top of the page and click "Active Reports." After finding your report, click on "view" in order to bring up the analytics from that report.

From this page, you will be able to view different graphs that pertain to your specific data. You will then have the option to download this data onto your computer. If for any reason you might need to access to more than one Advanced Report, then please contact us to discuss an upgrade in your package at